Dau al Set

3365DSC_3365 3370DSC_3370 3389DSC_3389

Residency: Visual Arts Diploma: Drawing & Painting The three images are examples from a large body of experimental works that began as series on “Bad Painting” – in the Neil Jenney sense, to follow through with a concern I had for the need of a subject. Through experimentation however, I discovered that my ideas were better suited to the simplicity of the Dau al Set conventions, of anti-formalism, or more specifically their preferences for works that explore the conscious and unconscious – the ceaseless flux, or the perception of duration. Time here then is the subject, and is not intended to be meditated as a narrative in a closed and finite system of representation but rather is conceived as a fluid and dynamic exchange of meanings and unconscious relationships, where the viewer, through imagination, perception and semiotic memory is asked to simply participate in the creative act. Working Title: Dau al Set Acrylic, ink & pigment on tissue and paper.

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